Huggy Bear Animatic!

February 5, 2010By ralph cosentinoBlog No Comments
No, not the one from Starsky & Hutch! This was an idea for a character I just wanted out of my system in a day or so. He'd have a catchy Syd & Marty Crofft style tune that would go something like; La la la, giant robots, monster lizards or mutant ninjas cant stop me from getting to you...La la la...whenever you need me, no matter where you are, I'll get la la!....something crappy like that! ; )

Small Black: Despicable Dogs

January 11, 2010By ralph cosentinoBlog No Comments
Discovering "Small Black" and their song "Despicable Dogs" was a pleasant treat to my ears. This particular song had such a haunting melody that really stuck in my mind for days. It wasn't so much haunting as in really creepy but more of a slightly sad melody that took you to the past of your youth and innocence with it's lo-fi sound.

Superman Picture Book – Beginings

December 8, 2008By ralph cosentinoBlog No Comments
I was looking for reference and came across this wonderful Superman short from an incredible visual development artist Chris Appelhans . I just love the camera angles and perspectives not to mention the lighting in some of the scenes is just beautiful. The music and lyrics are also by Chris Appelhans....amazing...see for yourself.

Ralphie the Wheelie King!

October 21, 2008By ralph cosentinoAll My Characters & Brands, Art & Design, Blog No Comments
A while back my mom sent me some old photos of me on my first bike in Argentina and some pics of me with my banana bike back in the day in good 'ol Cleveland. As a young boy in the 70s having a bicycle and not just any bike, a banana seat chopper, wheelie bike, was my elevation to independence. To ride with the summer breeze in my face anywhere and anytime without wearing out my kicks and in record time was the freedom I longed for as a boy.