Apply a retro storybook look & feel to design – hand drawn & graphic to reflect the Nick Jr. brand. Unify characters with a common style/technique & limited color palette as long as integrity of individual characters can be retained. Use decorative shapes and borders – use negative space as part of design

Below are a variety of style & technique samples utilizing limited color:

Below I created an illustration sample for reference, utilizing a limited color palette

Embellish nick jr. logo to look more hand drawn – edges can be animated or squiggle etc…

Seasonal limited color palette examples

Create shorts/bumpers utilizing 2D animation, a mix of Nick Jr. characters working together for a common goal which embodies the Nick Jr. brand thru a compelling short story with humor that involves the viewer and consists of activities viewer can relate to ( ie: building a snowman –  what’s missing on the snowman?  Incorporate the individual character personalities as part of the story.
Note: Collaborate with Creative Strategist on specific characters to utilize based on popularity and strategy

WINTER HOLIDAY – animated 15-30 second bumper –
Miffy, Duggee and Peppa Pig build a snowman but they face a challenge; they can’t reach high enough to place the hat on top of the snowman’s head.

* NOTE:  There could be multiple shorts for the same holiday but different gags/stories, all with the same look and story sensibilities. Simple yet evoking viewer participation reinforcing the Nick Jr brand not just visually but thru story as well.


• apply same graphic treatment to website or header/mobile included

• website header can include loop of a simple animation such as;
characters standing outside catching snowflakes with tongues

• animation on header could also trigger/link to game/app with same theme as website animation
or bumper animation i.e. game could tie-in visually and by story theme (example: build a snowman game)

• build seasonal product tie-in programs with retailers/buyers and licensing partners including point of purchase signage to coincide with designs

• develop product planograms for endcaps or within a retailers seasonal area, working with
buyers & product licensees

• examples; ornaments, greeting cards, storybooks with plush characters, magnetic playsets, snow toys etc…
all products tie into seasonal nick jr. program

• Matt Kaufman – illustrator –
• Pixel Pirate Studio – – Full service 2-d animation studio
• 9 Story – – – Full service 2-d & 3-d animation studio
• Atomic Cartoons – – Full service 2-d animation studio
• Richard Sellers Productions – – voice talent