Based on sketches I did in 2004, I’m excited to turn those initial drawings into sofubi (soft vinyl).
This is a 3D rendering sculpted for me by Dante Rockford, based on my design below it.

Graphic illustration of Bernie! @heads are better than one! (maybe) Lol!

3D Model ready for 3D printing – fur vest sculpt, figure prepped for production by Big Man


This is a minature 3D full color printout of Bernie out of Sandstone – made at “Shapeways” in Brooklyn NY

Bernie 3D printed in parts with added putty ready for sanding.
This fella is gonna be huge! 15 whopping inches tall!
Amazing production preparation and fur vest sculpt by Lee “BigManToys!”

Stay tuned, UFO Toys is returning!

Here’s the original ink sketch of Bernie and other mutant SS characters from 2004.
I originally called this series…



Bernie came to life as a giant plush for a show I did at “ROTOFUGI” in Chicago back in 2011


My amazing wife sewed the digitally printed fabric to make the giant Bernie plush.


Bernie was also part of some gallery show illustrations I did that featured Bernie with Funboy:

The Seige – Mixed Media on Paper 19.5″x9″


and my ceramic version of a mutant cookie monster: