With heavy hearts my entire family and I mourn the passing of our beloved dog Elwood.

We’re forever grateful that we were able to be a part of his long life, and hope we gave him as much love and joy as he gave us. Even as he became older and his black eye patch became more grey, he always had this puppy look about him and we still dubbed him, “the cutest dog on earth.”

Elwood, named after Dan Ackroyd’s character in the “Blues Brothers” completed the buddy duo in our family with our big Chessie “Jake”. They were an inseparable pair of pets that constantly had us in stitches. Jake would haul @ss to fetch a ball, and Elwood, who couldn’t keep up, would get frustrated and nip at poor Jake’s heels as he ran.

During summers, Elwood enjoyed basking in the sun by literally laying on top of Jake. I regret we never took photos of it, I guess we sometimes just take the simplest of moments for granted, but they’re moments we’ll always have in our memories and hearts.

Being a small Jack Russell Terrier, Elwood had a mind of his own not to mention a “Napoleon Complex”. In his youth, he was the scrappiest little dog you’d ever see! He was always trying to pick fights with dogs of any size and in most cases, his pal Jake would come to his rescue and barrel chest bigger dogs off of him.

Elwood was a real character…so much so that he became a real one as my alter ego “Fun-boy’s” faithful side-kick, introduced to the world in my children’s book “The Marvelous Misadventures of Fun-boy”. We’ll miss you terribly Elwood.

Elwood as a puppy…right out of the box!

In the backyard of our old house…prancing thru the winter wonderland.

Cuddled with our 5 year old “Argus.”

Napping with the latest addition to our family…Hayao.

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