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Defend the Earth from the evil wrath of space invaders as Fun-Boy and Elwood, NASA’s most daring astronauts! Battle your way through wave after wave of asteroids and the repulsive oculoid monsters! But, be prepared for the powerful bosses you will encounter during your journey! Inspired by “B” sci-fi monster movies, comes Asteroid Armageddon, “Part One” of the Fun-boy “Battle in Space” series. Shoot, blast, and nuke your way through “Asteroid Armageddon!” FEATURES: – Intense, retro arcade style gameplay – Unique Power-Ups – Fluid animation & graphics – Retro Sci-Fi soundtrack – Awesome boss monsters!

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Sample videos below





These were a variety of bosses I planned on using on different levels of Asteroid Armageddon or a follow-up Fun-boy in Space game.
Some bosses are in the current game.

Eyeball Monster


Alien Zorkon


The Bearded Surfer  aka Mr. Skinner )


The Mechanical Maze – Here Fun-boy would have to dodge a bunch of contraptions trying to crush, zap or capture him.


Mickey Mojira


The Dark Lord  ( F.U.D.C.! )
For those that haven’t made it to the final level yet to see Mick Mojira…


Robot Monster


Kitty Boss


very first sketches for two of the boss monsters