Fun-boy’s in character for the upcoming “Garamaniacal” Show February 10-March 4, curated by Michael Nordstrom of the excellent “Garamania” blog and hosted by  the fantastic “FOE” Gallery in Northampton, Mass.
This is the first show in the U.S. ever, solely paying homage to Eiji Tsuburaya’s quintessential “Ultra-Q” drooling alien of mayhem, “Garamon” also known as “Pigmon” to you Ultraman aficionados!

Be sure to check-out Michael Nordstrom Garamania blog, it’s the one-stop source for all things Garamon filled with innumerable amounts of fun info and pics by what may be the worlds biggest, most dedicated Garamon fan!

This is my contribution to the show. From initial doodle to finished painting.
8″x8″ Gouache w/custom letterpress mat.

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