I am the Frankenstein Monster!

I grew up watching the classic monster movies; Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Dracula on late nights with my father in New York. Ultimately as I became older I read the original literature and folklore. Once I had kids of my own and followed the tradition I had of watching the same movies with my dad, I also realized there weren’t many picture books telling these stories in a way I envisioned. My thoughts were to create a picture book series re-telling the origins of these monsters in a fun, friendly, not too scary of a way for kids yet staying somewhat true to the source material. After all these original stories involve grave robbing, biting humans and blood-sucking so it would be a bit of a challenge. I wanted to go further and include an auditory aspect to the books so kids could role play being the monsters or parents could as they read:
“RAAH! RAAH! STOMP! STOMP!”  – ( Frankenstein’s Monster )
“ARF! ARF! AWOOOOO! ”  – ( Werewolf )
“HISSSSS! MUWHAHAHA!” – ( Count Dracula )

What I ended up with were introductory stories for kids depicting the origins and a day in the life of these monsters.
Stories that can be read at bedtime and anytime. Stories that spark a creature to life . . . and spark a child’s imagination!


( page samples and manuscripts below )



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Countertop Display for 6.25″ x 6.25″ books – Packed in half dozen

Below are sample spreads for the Werewolf and Dracula books I started along with manuscripts…

READ “I Am…the Werewolf ” manuscript here.
READ “I Am…Dracula” manuscript here.