Kaiju Patrol Pitch Bible


Kaiju Patrol Character Animatics

These were were concepts I wrote for short animations introducing each Kaiju Patrol character. I really enjoy creating animatics. It's a way to really get to the heart of your ideas and gags and fine tune my timing chops.

This is big...really big! I’m talkin’ huge, camera-shaking stomping down the street big! This is about five normal everyday twelve-year-old kids that transform into 100ft monsters that fight for good and defend the world from evil! As big as buildings! Fists that crush skyscrapers! Tails that crash down shaking mountains to their core! Body slams in the ocean that cause tidal waves! Of course, it’s not all kicking big, giant, evil monster booty. Being really big monsters, our heroes can use buses as Q-tips (with all the passengers grossed out by the monster ear wax); they can use light posts as toothpicks, buildings as backscratchers, burst water pipes/fire hydrants as drinking fountains, buildings as projection screens to watch movies.

Big enough for you? But wait, it’s also small. The big things are small and the small things are big … especially in that way kids see the world and their life and their problems. Sometimes the littlest things are huge and the hugest things are no big deal. Our gaggle of twelve-year-olds must balance fighting evil monsters while facing the storms of everyday life as kids. Bullies at school. Homework. Tests. Grades. Friendships (always volatile and fragile at that age). Parents (always volatile and fragile at any age). Peer pressure. And, quite frankly, learning how to do the right thing.

At the end of the day, the heart of Kaiju Patrol is about believing in yourself. You’ve got to believe in yourself. You can make a difference. So, I guess what I’m trying say is: the heart is big. Really big.

Self produced & distributed Kaiju Kidz toys







Toys I designed, manufactured and distributed in specialty shops like Kidrobot, Rotofugi, Tower Records.
Made from old school ABS plastic, included mini figures and a mini comic.
Photos by Tim Richter.







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