Hareold Fling is your average forest creature in Mid-evil England making an honest living selling fresh vegetables from a cart and as a part-time actor. Because of his good nature, and kindness towards others he is one of the most well liked citizens of Surewood Forest.

His happy go lucky world is turned upside down when the ruthless, greedy Toad King takes over the land and begins taxing, stealing and enslaving everyone near and far. In an attempt to stop the Toad King’s Henchman from harming some children, Hareold Fling is beaten up and left for dead at the edge of the forest by the ocean. He’s found by a wandering fisherman who brings him aboard his ship. As Hareold is nursed back to health, they travel to different corners of the earth. In these travels the fisherman and his friends teach Hareold many forms of martial arts and disipline.

Finally, Hareold longs to return to his beloved Surewood Forest. His long voyage away from home is about to end, but his adventures to bring peace and happiness to the land have just begun.