Tails from the Haunted Castle

For the past year I’ve just been really itching to create a series that pays homage and introduces kids to the classic monsters and their origins. Tails from the Haunted Castle was more of a cute twist, less gore filled concept that I think has a lot of potential.

The gist…
What if…before there was “Frankenstein’s monster,” there was “Frankenstein’s mouse!” Mice are used in labs so it’s sort of logical. Lol!
I’m still thinking of the story but initial thoughts are that from the lab he scurries off into the world of mice throughout the Castle, everyone is scared of him but the real monster is the evil cat of the castle that Frankenstein’s mouse rescues other mice from.

The Vampire rat! He discovers cheese comes from milk so he craves it, getting it anyway he can.

Wolf Mouse?…still muddling this one over….

The whole monster mouse…”Mousters” world exists in a scary giant castle. You’d have the lab for Frankenstein, the basement for Dracula, the backyard for Wolfman…Other monsters can come from the backyard swamp ie: creature black lagoon type, from the den filled with antiquities…a tiny mummy mouse!

The Castle makes a great backdrop for the scary factor and we can have a lot of fun with scale as well. In the context of this mouse world it’s a lot more kid friendly and I can easily pay homage to the original monsters in a really fun and funny way.

The series could be something like; “Tails from the Haunted Castle” And maybe there’s a zombieish mouse host that narrates the stories. Kind of like “Uncle Creepy” from the horror comics I still read lol!