Honk-Honk-Ashoo Bedtime Stories
Children need routines and consistency to feel secure especially at bedtime. Having a set time and a routine can make the transition easier. Like taking a bath, putting on pajamas, brushing their teeth and reading a favorite book. The Honk-Honk-Ashoo Bedtime Series is an endearing group of stories about bedtime told by a loveable cuddly pillow headed character, Honk-Honk-Ashoo who snores his name and his cute puppy, Swella-Bow-Wow. They address common situations that kids experience such as being afraid of the dark or wishing on a star and having a friend.


Comfy Cozy, Cozy Comfy!
In this endearing bedtime tale, Swella-Bow-Wow and Honk-Honk-Ashoo are having trouble sleeping and need to find a solution.

Swella-Bow-Wow doesn’t like sleeping on the floor and sneaks up on the bed at night. Honk can’t stretch his legs and feels achy in the morning. Grouchy mornings and hurt feelings ensue until the friends find a compromise that’s comfortable for the both of them! Kids and parents will enjoy this true to life tale for anyone with a furry friend who likes to cuddle!


Starlight, Starbright What Do You Wish Tonight?
Honk-Honk-Ashoo and Swella-Bow-Wow sleep under the stars and learn the value of friendship and caring for others.

Honk and Swella decide to camp out under the stars and invite their friends to come along. Dictionary teaches them a star wishing poem
and it gets everyone thinking about what they’d wish for. They are surprised by what and who they each wish for. 

Who’s Afraid of the Dark?
This heart-warming story addresses a common fear of the dark and helps the reader realize what’s in the dark is in the light but just looks different.

When Swella-Bow-Wow is afraid by a strange noise, Honk-Honk-Ashoo thinks she’s acting silly until he becomes scared of the unknown shadow
on his wall and realizes everybody needs a little help from a friend now and then.

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The Story of Honk-Honk-Ashoo and Swella-Bow-Wow
Honk-Honk-Ashoo’s alarm clock rings bright and early every morning. He does his exercises, reads the funnies, and eats breakfast. Then one-morning Honk-Honk-Ashoo is awakened not by his alarm clock but by the sound of barking at his front door. It’s a little dog, and she’s in big trouble. At first Honk- Honk-Ashoo isn’t sure he wants a pet, but soon he decides to take her in. Now he and Swella-Bow-Wow exercise, read the funnies, eat breakfast, and do chores together, and Honk-Honk-Ashoo learns that a life shared is twice the fun.