Hello Tom,
I came across an article about a Scandinavian fella who is building these side cars out of fiberglass, I immediately thought of you and how Simplay3 could design a much better version of this concept. More info on it HERE.


Of course this idea can be taken much further and I think be designed better and safer, an example would be to possibly cover the top of the side wheel to avoid little hands reaching over  ( see below image ). I’m not sure about regulations in the U.S. for this type of child accessory but it’s an interesting concept.


Below is another concept utilizing one of my character properties, Kitty Cones.
It’s a mobile game and imessage app, a children’s book being released soon, more HERE
Kitty Cones is also represented by one of the biggest marketing firms in the industry, Striker Entertainment.
Lots happening in 2017 with Kitty Cones, I’d love to collaborate with a local company like Simplay3 and create something very unique.








2inch, 3D printed prototypes