Ok, so my manuscript for my 2nd DC hero picture book series, “Superman” was approved, YAHOO!

And now I get to start pencils. Luckily, this go around my manuscript included pretty detailed indications of what I saw the art being on each page so I have a pretty good start from a visual standpoint where to begin.

I’ve wanted to try a style different from the Batman book, not so much the thick and thin inks but maybe more like an animation cel from the old Fleischer Superman classics with simple outlines and color shading. Maybe even an attempt at a more graphic look devoid of outlines and really utilize color in a more challenging way to separate characters from backgrounds. This is the fun part where I can experiment some but not too much because I have a crushing deadline so decisions need to be made quick. Anyhow, I was looking for reference and came across this wonderful Superman short from an incredible concept artist Chris Appelhans .
I just love the camera angles and perspectives not to mention the lighting in some of the scenes is just beautiful. The music and lyrics are also by Chris Appelhans….amazing…see for yourself.

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