A classic Japanese Superhero tokusatsu (special effects) show which aired in Japan from 1971 to 1972. Spectreman disguises himself as a human being, but when the Earth is in trouble, he sends a message to the Nebula Star which shoots a beam right at him transforming Jôji Gamô into a cyber super-hero.

The show uses a great combination of special effects including animation, stop motion and of course rubber suits. The inspiration for the show’s main villains, Dr. Gori and Karras, was obviously “Planet of the Apes” released a few years earlier. But the mod design of Dr. Gori and Karras’s bling riddled outfit and dance/nodding mannerisms make for some good cheesy entertainment. Ironically it’s Dr. Gori that is shocked at the polluting abuse inflicted on the Earth by it’s own people and turns our pollution… you got it, into giant menacing monsters so he can rule the Earth and enslave humans. When the show was created in 1971, pollution was an important topic in Japan because Tokyo was considered the most polluted city in the world.

In usual Japanese fashion the show has a catchy theme song that sticks with you, well me anyway. I love how so many of the tokusatsu shows from Japan utilized kids in their chorus and theme songs. It’s easy to see how theses shows were endearing to children then and cornball adults like me now.

The Blue Terror, Part 1

The Blue Terror, Part 2

The Blue Terror, Part 3

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