I have a huge passion for comics strips old and new, from Winsor McCay’s “Little Nemo in
Slumberland” to Joe Matt’s “Peepshow”. And recently, I’ve become very enamoured with the web-comic
60 Ways To Leave Your Mother (Alone)” by artist Michael Buckley.

The strips are based and influenced by Michael’s young children who try to stay out of Mom’s hair, thus the strips namesake, and their adventures which are beautifully documented and drawn by their dad. What I really enjoy about the strips is, they evoke that magical, childhood innocence that the classic “Gasoline Alley” Sunday pages had but with a wonderful, personal and modern narrative all it’s own.

I just gawk in awe at the wonderful ilustrations, inking, layouts and hand lettering.
Who even does hand lettering anymore?!
One of the most thoroughly enjoyable and clever comic strips out there!
Check it out here.


…what I’m reeeeeally excited about is that Mr. Buckley is trying to self publish the series thru Kickstarter so that folks can have an actual book of these awesome strips collected in one limited edition volume! This is one comic-strip book that’s a must have for my library!

For more info go to the Kickstarter site to see how you can get signed copies, prints, even original art, not to mention how your help can make this talented author/artist’s dream come true!

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