Soundsonic Letterpress Print

Fun-boy prints are faux ads with Fun-boy and Elwood as the respective product mascots.
This particular print is metallic silver ink on 100% recycled French Construction paper with a blind stamp. Signed and numbered.… Read more

Astro-Gum Letterpress Print

Fun-Boy and Elwood are rocketing through galaxies in their X-15! Inspired by retro American & Japanese advertising, Fun-boy & Elwood play product mascots yet once again in a series of faux advertising posters! This fine … Read more

Fun-Boy Brand Chocolate in Retail Stores!

First came the Milky Way, then the Mars bar and now from the far reaches of space, Fun-Boy Brand Milk Chocolate from Uranus! Made from 100% Belgian Milk Chocolate. The chocolate starts with top quality … Read more