Soundsonic Letterpress Print

Fun-boy prints are faux ads with Fun-boy and Elwood as the respective product mascots.
This particular print is metallic silver ink on 100% recycled French Construction paper with a blind stamp. Signed and numbered.… Read more

See No Evil…

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, DEAL with Evil! – Black Pencil and Gouache 6″x6″… Read more


A serious of painting puns for my solo Rotofugi Show.
More on the show here.

Nightmare – Gouache on Paper 6″x6″

Bluebeary – Gouache on Paper 6″x6″

Cantelope – Gouache on Paper 6″x6″

Grape … Read more

Shits ahoy!


Shits Ahoy! – Gouache on Paper 6″x6″


my youngest daughter made me a tiny, tiny old school pirate’s hat,
it just needed the skull and crossbones… Read more

Thief of Baghdad Goes on Vacation

Thief of Baghdad Goes on Vacation – Gouache, Pen and Ink on Paper 6″x6″

My father and I loved watching the later version of “Thief of Baghdad” with Sabu and  Conrad Veidt when I was … Read more