Fun-boy is…The Phantom Skull!

Here I wanted to flush out the costume for Fun-boy as the Phantom Skull.
I wanted to come up with a series of stories in which Fun-boy becomes a super-hero of sorts with his sidekick … Read more

Mickey Mojira & Friends

MOJIRA = Mickey Mouse + Godzilla (Gojira in Japanese)

RODUCK = Rodan + Donald Duck

GAMOOFY = Gamera + Goofy

These were a series of small paintings I did for a Kaiju ( Japanese for … Read more

Astro-Gum Letterpress Print

Fun-Boy and Elwood are rocketing through galaxies in their X-15! Inspired by retro American & Japanese advertising, Fun-boy & Elwood play product mascots yet once again in a series of faux advertising posters! This fine … Read more

Chew On This!

Chew On This! – Signed & Numbered 2-color Screen print on Recycled French Paper – Edition of 200 “24”x “24”… Read more

Elwood 1995-2010

With heavy hearts my entire family and I mourn the passing of our beloved dog Elwood.

We’re forever grateful that we were able to be a part of his long life, and hope we gave … Read more