Kitty Cones Arcade!

The Kitty Cones Arcade includes a new Soft Serve game with more characters, avatar creation, challenging levels, rewards, maps, power-ups, 5 mini-games and much more!
Watch the Kitty Cone soft-serve order pop-up and create the
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Kitty Cones Mobile Game

Kitty Cones app is now available! This is the third game I’ve developed but my first mobile app under my new Mecha Punch brand! Get it right MEOW free at the App Store or the … Read more

Asteroid Armageddon Boss Tests

These were a variety of bosses I planned on using on different levels of Asteroid Armageddon or a follow-up Fun-boy in Space game.
Some bosses are in the current game.

Eyeball Monster


Alien Zorkon

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Fun-Boy Asteroid Armageddon Desktop Game!

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Working on Flash/swf alternative.


Play Asteroid Armageddon NOW!

Defend the Earth from the evil wrath of space invaders as Fun-Boy and Elwood, NASA’s most daring astronauts! Battle your way … Read more

PogoPoop – PLAY NOW!

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That’s right, you can play the number 2 game in the world right NOW on your desktop! SCROLL to Bottom of page.

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