Bernie – Vinyl Art Toy

Based on sketches I did in 2004, I’m excited to turn those initial drawings into sofubi (soft vinyl).
This is a 3D rendering sculpted for me by Dante Rockford, based on my design below it.… Read more

Fun-boy Super-Hero Vinyls

I’ve always itched to create some Fun-boy gags with him wearing a batman costume and trying to be a super-hero. These were concepts as I envisioned of him as a vinyl figure wearing the costume. … Read more

Black Terror Design and Maquette


One of my favorite Golden Age comic characters of all time…”The Black Terror.” This is a prototype for a maquette I’d like to produce someday.




This was a Batman version of … Read more

Mini Hand-Made Honk Plushes

Mini Honk-Honk-Ashoo plushes hand-made with love by my crafty wifey Lisa! Mafe from super-soft fleece under our Jumbee Brand!┬áComing soon!… Read more