The Marvelous Misadventures of Fun-Boy

Fun-Boy Desktop Game
Defend the Earth from the evil wrath of space invaders as Fun-Boy and Elwood, NASA’s most daring astronauts! Battle your way through wave after wave of asteroids and the repulsive oculoid monsters! But, be prepared for the powerful bosses you will encounter during your journey! Inspired by “B” sci-fi monster movies, comes Asteroid Armageddon, “Part One” of the Fun-boy “Battle in Space” series. Shoot, blast, and nuke your way through “Asteroid Armageddon!” FEATURES: – Intense, retro arcade style gameplay – Unique Power-Ups – Fluid animation & graphics – Retro Sci-Fi soundtrack – Awesome boss monsters
Play here.

Fun-Boy URANUS Chocolate Bars







Just released a Fun-boy iMessage sticker pack! An uber cute and mischievous alternative to smileys. Includes over 60 expressions / stickers!
Available HERE or directly from your iPhone iMessage app.

Fun-Boy Book
This innovative pantomime (wordless) picture book contains twelve laugh-out-loud stories about a little boy looking for adventure, but all he seems to find are misadventures. Designed as comic strip style panels, Fun-Boy will inspire children to tell each tale in their own words. It’s perfect for pre-readers!

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Originally published by Viking Children’s Books in a horizontal pantomime comic strip format.


Here I wanted to flush out the costume for Fun-boy as the Phantom Skull.
I wanted to come up with a series of stories in which Fun-boy becomes a super-hero of sorts with his sidekick Elwood. He’d see trouble or danger in his suburban neighborhood where there actually isn’t but the adventure becomes sort of a mystery as he tries to figure out what the “villain” is doing or NOT doing.  Work in progress.

One of these days, Fun-Boy Brand cereal will be on shelves next to Captain Crunch!


Cereal_Boxes_3D_array1 Cereal_Boxes_3D_astropuffs Cereal_Boxes_3D_mamoth_crunch Cereal_Boxes_3D_ocean_os

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, DEAL with Evil! – Black Pencil and Gouache 6″x6″

First Snow – Gouache on Paper 6″x6″

Shits Ahoy! – Gouache on Paper 6″x6″

Thief of Baghdad Goes on Vacation – Gouache, Pen and Ink on Paper 6″x6″

My father and I loved watching the later version of “Thief of Baghdad” with Sabu and  Conrad Veidt when I was a kid. That inspired my modern day version.

Fan-boy – Black Pencil on Paper 6″x6″


Fun-boy-vinyl-batman1 Fun-boy-vinyl-batman2 Fun-boy-vinyl-batman3 Fun-boy-vinyl-batman4

I’ve always itched to create some Fun-boy gags with him wearing a batman costume and trying to be a super-hero. These were concepts as I envisioned of him as a vinyl figure wearing the costume. My thoughts were to use the same mold for various costumes and add different accessories. I also have him wearing a black terror, Golden Bat and werewolf outfit. Awoooooooo!

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